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How to measure the interpupillary distance?


The pupillary distance is the distance between our two pupils. This is measured in millimeters (mm). The values change according to gender and generally between:

  • Women: 56-62 mm
  • Men: 58-66 mm

If on your optical/ophthalmological prescription the pupil distance is not indicated, follow the steps below to measure it:

  1. Sit face to face with the person who will help you to measure your pupil distance. Keeping a distance of about 50-60 cm between you; try to position yourselves at the same height.
  2. Where to look depending on the type of glasses you need
    • For vision from AFAR, we will look at a distant point or the wall behind our partner.
    • - If we need sight glasses UP CLOSE, we'll look at the nose of our partner.
  3. Once placed, ask your partner with a ruler to measure the distance between your pupils, from eye to eye.
    The resulting number will be divided by 2, and we will have the right and left pupillary distance. For example: distance between pupils = 62mm/2 =31mm. 31mm is the distance to enter for right eye (RE) and left eye (LE)